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Game For PSP and Play Station. Ah, Made by Sony.

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 World Dove Media PLC is a Christian family entertainment multimedia company with a focus to develop life changing media products on all platforms including satellite, cable, free to air and internet. We own the “Dove Vision TV Channel”. Our primary focus is to broadcast wholesome family entertainment with high moral and ethical values that appeals to children, the youth and the elderly via satellite to the world. We broadcast LIVE, all the Holy Ghost Services, Annual Conventions and Holy Ghost Congress of the Redeemed Christian Church of God to the rest of the world via crispy clear satellite transmission using world class technology.
Dove television broadcasts cover Sub-Sahara Africa via DoveVision Channel on View Africa Network (which is MyTV in Nigeria). According to ViewSat figures as of 2011 our channel had a reach of about 22million homes and growing. Other outlets include StarTimes Nigeria, StartTimes Nairobi, Metro Digital Cable TV Port Harcourt and Continental Satellite Nigeria.

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