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MARCH 3RD, 2017.


Thank You.

Let us lift our hands to the most high God and begin to bless His holy name.

Give Him glory, give Him honour, give Him adoration.

Worship the King of kings; worship the Lord of lords.

Let Him hear your voice, tell Him you love Him; tell Him you appreciate Him

Give Him glory, give Him honour, give Him adoration.

He is worthy to be praised; He is worthy to be adored.

Magnify the King of kings; magnify the Lord of lords.

He is worthy; He is worthy to be praised.

Praise Him.

Hallelujah Father

Oh, we bless Your name

Thank You Father.

Thank You Jesus.

Thank You Almighty God.

In Jesus mighty name we worshipped.

Now, lift your voice to Him loud and clear and say: Father, please don’t let me come in vain.

Go ahead, talk to the Almighty God.

Don’t let me come in vain. Don’t let me leave here empty handed. Please don’t let me come in vain Lord. Don’t let me leave here empty handed. Have mercy, Lord. Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

I want you to pray one more prayer; lift your voice to Him and say: Father, by the end of this service, let me sing a new song.

Go ahead, talk to the Almighty.

By the end of this service oh Lord, please, let me sing a new song – a new song of joy, a new song of victory, a new of victory at last, a new song of breakthrough; please Lord let me sing a new song. Thank You Jesus.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Our Father in heaven

We glorify Your holy name

We bow down before You


Our Father in heaven

We glorify Your holy name

We bow down before You


Our Father in heaven

We glorify Your holy name

We bow down before You


Our Father in heaven

We glorify Your holy name

We bow down before You

Father, we bless Your name. King of kings, Lord of lords, Ancient of days, the Alpha and the Omega, the Unchangeable changer, the One who never grow old; our Saviour, our Healer, our Provider, our Deliverer, our Promoter, our Defense, the Lord of host, glory be to Your holy name; Father, glory be to Your holy name. Thank You for thirty-one years of Holy Ghost service; Thank You for moving us from glory to glory; Thank You for testimonies; Thank You for salvation; Thank You for healings;  Thank You for deliverance; Thank You for joy and Lord thank You for life, please accept our thanks in Jesus’ name. Thank You for what You are about to do now, accept out worship in Jesus’ name. Tonight…

Thank You Father.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight, I made you an eagle and you will fly.

Daddy wants me to tell someone, I will judge your adversaries tonight.

Well, Father, I was going to ask You to do a mighty things, since You have already started just complete. Save souls tonight; heal tonight; set free tonight; prove Your Almightiness tonight; at the end of it all let Your name alone be glorified.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Let somebody shout hallelujah.

Shake hands with one or two people and tell them God will surprise you tonight.

Please be seated.

Now, open your Bible to John chapter 7 verse 37 to 39:

37In the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried, saying, if any man thirst, let him come unto Me, and drink.

38He that believeth on Me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.

39(But this spake he of the Spirit, which they that believe on Him should receive: for the Holy Ghost was not yet given; because that Jesus was not yet glorified).

Yesterday, those of you who are on the eve of the program, you will notice that my children have given us several interpretations of this passage; all I want to do tonight is add just a little bit to what they had already said.

But I want to encourage you before we go further that you are not here tonight for yourself alone.

You are here to represent your families; you are here to represent your organizations; you are here to represent your towns, your cities; you are even here to represent your countries.

It is my prayer that the miracles God will perform here tonight will not be limited to here.

So, when it is time to pray, please pray with all your heart.

A day like this comes once a year and even for some people once in a life time.

Jesus Christ stood up and gave an invitation and this invitation is to anybody who wants to come.

No president, no matter how wealthy had ever thrown a party and invited every citizen of his country – it had never been done.

But here, my Father is about to throw a party and He invited the whole world.

Is there any one all over the world who may want to come? – come

And the only reason He could do that is because He has more than sufficient to satisfy the need of everybody.

That was why I asked you to pray at the beginning that you will not leave here empty handed because He has more than  enough to meet the need of everybody.

In Genesis 17 verse 1 – He said I AM Jehovah El-Shaddai, the God who is more than enough.

In Ephesians chapter 3 verse 20 – He said, is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all you can ask or think.

In order words, even if you think of something but what you are thinking about is so big, you are free to ask, He can still do it for you.

David said in Psalm 23 verse 5 – he said thou anointed my head with oil, my cup runs over.

I have told you in the past that when I was studying Psalm 23 and I got to that part – I turned to God, I said Almighty God, when the cup was full why didn’t You stop?

He said, I just want to show the boy that there is much more where this is coming from.

I will love to decree to somebody here tonight that by the time you are leaving here you will say God this is too much.

Number one) God is more than enough for you as a person:

In Philippians 4:19…

Thank You Father.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight, He said, the noise in your head is gone.

In Philippians 4:19 – says my God shall supply all – not small – all needs:

That means physically He is more than sufficient to take care of your needs.

The Bible says by His stripes you were healed.

And I told you before that in those days when they want to beat people during the Rome regime, they will beat you with thirty-nine stripes – it supposed to be the maximum.

But in the case of the Lord Jesus Christ, they gave Him forty stripes and Bible scholars tried to explain that to us

As I read one scientific journal that all the sicknesses and diseases in the world can be put into thirty-nine categories; Jesus took a stripe for each category and then took one extra to wait for sicknesses and diseases that have not been discovered.

So, whatever your sickness, whatever your disease, you will leave here after this service singing a new song.

There is no case too hard for Him: He can cure the incurable; you have heard testimonies upon testimonies because He is the great Physician.

Materially: He is more than sufficient for your needs because Haggai chapter 2 verse 8 says silver belongs to Him, gold belongs to Him.

But He does not just prosper you according to proverb chapter 10 verse 22 – His own blessings make you rich without adding sorrow.

There are those who are rich but they cannot eat.

There are those who are rich and they cannot sleep.

When He is the One blessing you – He blesses you and there will be no sorrow added.

Spiritually: He is more than enough for you; because He is the Lord of host, He can take care of any form of evil force.

Maritally: He is more than sufficient for you.

And I thank God you saw examples here tonight – barren for almost 19 years, when He responded, He gave them three at a go.

He is more than sufficient because according to John 15 verse 1 to 5 – He is the Vine, you are the branches; when you abide in Him, then He makes you very fruitful.

He reminds me of the story of one young man who had a Doctorate degree and just could not get a job for years – with all his education, not a single application was granted.

And because he had no job, he could not marry.

Of course, because he had no wife - no children.

A day they brought him to us, he looks like a mad man because frustration was already affecting him.

We introduce Jesus Christ to him, he surrendered his life to Jesus; by the time he got home, he got a phone call: where have you been, you have a job waiting for you from the Government.

He got a job, six month later, he was married; nine month after the marriage, he gave birth to a set of twins.

God is more than enough for your needs.

So, I want you to pray the first prayer tonight and if you don’t mind stand on your feet and cry to the Almighty God and say: Father, I have come to drink, meet all my needs today.

Open your mouth and cry unto Him.

I have come to drink, please meet all my needs today – physical needs, material needs, emotional needs, marital needs, spiritual needs. Father, I have come to drink, meet all my needs today. Meet all my needs today. You ask me to come and I have come, I have come to drink from You, meet all my needs today. Meet all my needs today. Every form of sickness let it end today; anything called poverty in my life let it end today; anything called bondage in my life let it end today. Every form bondage let it end today. Please Lord, prove that You are more than sufficient for my needs tonight. Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

And so shall it be in Jesus’ name.

Please be seated.

Number two) He is more than sufficient for every member of your family.

Like I said earlier on, you are not here alone for yourself; you are here on behalf of your family.

In the case of Jairus, Mark chapter 5 verse 35 to 42, it was his daughter that needed a miracle. It was his daughter that needed something special from God.

The daughter died, but the One who had invited you to come and drink tonight settled that case.

Is your daughter in trouble – here or at home or abroad?

You will testify after today.

In Luke chapter 7 verse 11 to 15, the story of the widow of Nain, it was the son who died – It was the son who needed a miracle; and the One who invited you to come and drink tonight, took care of the situation.

I told you before of a time that I was invited to minister in Ikoyi; it was a gathering of high and mighty; and why the people were gathering he asked me to go and seat in the house of the one who was to be the hostess for that day.

I was going to preach on ‘the God of miracles’ but when I entered into the house and I saw five levels of sitting rooms in ascending order of splendor, I wanted to change my topic.

I said, Lord, this people do not need miracle.

And God spoke to me, son, do not be deceived.

The one son of the woman who owns this house is heavily on drugs.

The lady is not the one in trouble, is the son.

Do you have a son who is in one form of problem, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, in the case of tonight, you will testify.

It is enough for your brother or sister:  in the case of Lazarus, it was a brother who died. The brother whose case was considered beyond solution but the Almighty God took care of the situation.

In Isaiah 46 verse 3 – the Bible tells us that God is sufficient even for the baby in the womb.

So, if the Doctors have told you there is something wrong with your baby in the womb, tell them my God will take care.

He is sufficient for every member of the family: the daughters, the sons, the brothers, the sisters, even the one in the womb.

Some of you will remember the case of a lady whose baby in the womb died and the Doctors told her we must evacuate because not only the baby dead, the baby is already rotten – we must evacuate so that the poison from the rottenness will not destroy your own blood.

But the congress was near and she said to them let me go to the congress first, if God does not do a miracle then, then you can evacuate.

They told her, you delay for one week, you might be dead yourself.

And she turned to God, she came.

First day, nothing happen.

Second nothing happen.

Then third day, the power of God came down so heavily, I could not stand; I had to ask for a chair while I was preaching and as I was about to seat down, God spoke and said there is a woman here the baby in your stomach had been dead for a long time but I AM bringing the baby back to life.

Instantly, the baby jumped back to life.

I want you to stand on your feet and cry to the Almighty God and say: Father, I have come to drink, let Your miracle flow to every member of my family.

Open your mouth and pray.

Father, I have come to drink, let Your miracle flow to every member of my family – to my brothers, to my sisters, to my sons, to my daughters, to my cousins, to my nephews, to my aunties, to my uncles, let your miracle flow to every member of my family. That is why I have come, I have come to drink Lord, let Your miracle flow, let Your miracle flow to every member of my family. Let Your miracle flow to every member of my family today – my wife, my children, all my relatives – let Your miracles flow to every member of my family today. Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

So shall it be in Jesus’ name.

Please be seated.

Number three) He is more than sufficient for your friends and associates.

After taking care of your own needs; after taking care of all needs of every member of your family, He can take care all the needs of your friends and associates adequately.

In Mark chapter 2 verse 1 to 12…

Thank You Father.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight and He says you will understand, He said, there will be no more harassment in your dreams.

From now on you will sleep peacefully, no more harassment in your dreams.

Mark chapter 2 verse 1 to 12 – the Bible says four young man brought a man to Jesus; they were healthy young men but their friend was in need – which is the friend who needed a miracle – and Jesus proved more than sufficient for the friend.

The man was not just healed, he carried his bed back. They carried him in, he carried the carrier out.

In Acts chapter 9 verse 36 to 42, there is a lady called Dorcas she is the one who died but those associated with her are those who cried to the One who ask you to come and drink - and God went straight into grave and brought Dorcas back.

There is a story I really like that will form the foundation for your next prayer.

In Acts chapter 27 verse 18 to 25…

Thank You Father

(Let me say amen to this one)

Because the Lord says there is someone here tonight or somewhere hearing my voice all over, He said the enemy will forget you for a long time. They just forget about you for a long time.

In Acts 27…

Thank You Father.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight, He said the noise in your stomach is gone forever.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight; He said that suspicious growth in your nose is gone.

I know it is going to be a great night.

The Lord asks me to tell someone, He said that which is blocking your vision is already removed.

(Let me say amen again to this one)

Because the Lord says there is someone here today, He said I will yet be glorified in your life.

Acts 27 verse 18 to 25 is the story of Paul who was sailing to Rome and there were all manners of criminals with him in the boat and then there was this terrible storm, so bad that for two weeks they could not even see the sun, so they thought they were going to perish.

But one night an Angel visited Paul and told him don’t worry you won’t die and I have given all those who are in the boat to you - because of you, they were not Christians, but because of you, I will spare them all.

… and there was a police riding a motorcycle as escort for us.

And he entered into a road to stop the traffic so that we can continue and a car was coming at top speed and hit him, threw him off the motorcycle; crushed the motorcycle completely and ran over him and yet fled away.

I mean you know the meaning of that.

I lifted my voice to my Father: that man is with me; he is riding escort for me.

And they carried him to the hospital – that is a case we called ‘dead on arriver’

I had to go on to the service. After the service I wanted to know about the family of the man so that whatever we can do to help; but my Father had heard my voice.

They examined the man – no broken bones! No scratch! Completely whole!

Stand on your feet and cry to God for your friends and associates and say: Father, I have come to drink, let Your miracles flow to all my friends and all my associates.

Please open your mouth and cry to Him

Please I have come to drink tonight, let Your miracles flow to all my friends, to all my associates; anyone associated with me, please let Your miracles flow to them; let Your miracles flow to them. I have come to drink, oh Lord, because I am here, let Your miracles flow to all my friends, to all my associates, to all my co-workers, let Your miracles flow to them. I know You are more than sufficient, please let Your miracles flow, let Your blessings flow to all my friends, to all my associates; please let Your miracles flow. Thank You my Father. Anyone close to me, Lord, anyone associated with me, don’t let them know the problem, don’t let them know sorrow, let Your miracles flow to all of them, please Lord.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

So shall it be in Jesus’ name.

Please be seated.

Number four) He is more than sufficient that His power can flow into your dress.

He is so powerful that when you come to Him and you drink, He can so robe you with power greatly that even your shadow will become powerful.

In Mathew chapter 14 verse 35 to 36, the Bible says when they heard He was in town they brought all manners of sick people to come and meet Him;  and all who touched Him got healed.

In Acts 19 verse 11 to 12, the Bible says God perform special miracles by the hand of Paul that from his body, aprons and handkerchiefs was taken to the sick and they were all healed.

You have heard the testimony tonight of handkerchief anointed here and that young man laid it on his son that died and that son came back to life.

In Acts chapter 5 verse 14 to 16, the Bible said, the shadow of Peter healed the sick.

At least some of you will remember and occasion here when the Lord spoke that the dress that you are wearing that particular night had become anointed.

How many of you will remember?

Shortly after that, you heard the testimony of a brother who was attacked by armed robbers and they fired six bullets at him.

He showed us his jacket (some of you will remember); we saw six bullets holes coming in through the front; we saw six bullets holes coming out at the back of the jacket; we saw these six bullets holes in the singlet that he wore and there was no scratch on him.

What happen!

The dress he wore that day became anointed.

I am going to beg you to cry to God tonight, lift your voice to Him and say: Father, I have come to drink, the dress I am wearing now, anoint it from heaven.

Anoint my dress tonight. Soak me with Your anointing tonight. Soak me with Your anointing tonight. Soak me Lord, everything that is on me now, soak it with Your anointing. He is more than sufficient He can flow into your dress, so flow into you – into your dress, even your shadow and become power carrier. Soak this dress O Lord; soak it with Your anointing, fill it with power, let it begin to perform miracles after tonight. With this dress Lord, let mighty miracles begin to happen – healing the sick, chasing out demons, raising the dead. Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

So shall it be in Jesus’ name.

Number five) (I particularly like this) His power can flow and saturate your domain.

Psalm 24 verse 1 says the earth is the Lord and fullness thereof.

He owns the earth but He gives a little bit of it to individuals: your house, your office, maybe your village or city; or even your country depending on your position in life.

His power can flow and soak your domain.

For example, in the case Cornelius in Acts chapter 10 verse 1 to 48 – the house of Cornelius was his domain and he gathered his people there and the Holy Spirit soaks everyone in that house.

In Acts chapter 16 verse 16 to 34 – the moment Paul got into jail, he took over the place. When God visited him there, he broke the chain of everybody, the prison door was flung open; even the Jailer came and bow before him

Oh, thank You Father.

The Lord asks me to tell you, the prayer we had just prayed has been answered.

You know the meaning of that; take care of the dress you are wearing now – take care of that dress – this is not the one you are going to dash out.

Let me tell you another story.

Another fellow was here when God said He has anointed our dress and I told you then if you are attending an interview or something, wear that dress. So, he wore his own because he was going to attend an interview in Lagos.

On the Third Mainland bridge there was an accident: the bus in which he was travelling caught fire; everybody in the bus got burnt to death; he was the only one who came out without a single burn.

Take care of the dress you are wearing tonight!

If you heard me correctly let me hear you shout hallelujah

Thank You my Daddy.

In Acts chapter 8…

Haa! let me say amen to this one.

Daddy said, there is someone here tonight, up till this moment you have known addition, now, get ready for multiplication.

Daddy says there is someone here, He says, as of now nobody regard you as anyone, but He asked me to tell you, very soon you will be gathering with high and mighty.

Now, in Acts chapter 8 from verse 5 to 8, the moment Philip got to Samaria, his God took over the city so that there was great joy in the city.

May I prophecy to someone here, because you came, there will be joy in your town.

It was a sorcerer that was in charge of Samaria before Philip came.

But when light came, darkness bowed.

Every tree in your town that is tree representing the devil that is not allowing that city to become what God want it to become, before the sun rises it tomorrow, the fire of the Almighty God will consume it.

The power of God can soak your domain.

By the grace of God, where we are now used to be headquarters of highway robbers and pythons before we came; nobody wanted this place; that’s why when we came we are buying an acre of land for one thousand naira.

When you are not crazy, who want to be living at the headquarters of highway robbers?

And then we came, and our Daddy came with us; now, this is now our domain.

And I will remind you of a testimony of a lady who went to America to look after her grandchildren and she had a stroke.

And she told the children, please send me home quickly.

Haa! mama, anybody in your kind of situation we want to come to America for treatment.

She said, no no no, send me to Nigeria I am going to meet my God.

Mama, God is everywhere.

She said I know but I know where His headquarters is.

They brought mama in a wheel chair; as soon as she got to redemption camp; as soon as her feet touched redemption camp, she was healed completely.

I want you to stand on your feet and cry to the Almighty God and say: Father, I have come to drink, let Your power flow to my domain. Let Your power flow into my house, flow into my office, flow into my village, flow into my town, flow into my country.

Oh Lord let your power flow. Let Your power flow into my domain. O yes Lord let Your power flow into my house, into my one bedroom apartment, into my office – that section that you gave me, let Your power flow into my domain; let Your power flow into my domain. Almighty God, let Your power flow into my domain. Let Your power flow into my house, flow into my office, flow into my church, flow into my village, flow Lord God Almighty into my cities, flow into my country, let Your power flow Lord. Let Your power flow into my domain. Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

So shall it be in Jesus’ name.

Please be seated.

Now, how does this power flow?

You see, Jesus Christ said, come and drink and then out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water.

In John chapter 4 verse 14, He says the water I AM going to give you to drink shall become in you a well that will then begin to flow into everlasting life.

And then in Luke chapter 6 verse 45…


God is talking to someone in particular, He asked me to tell you, rejoice, because your wall of Jericho is down at last.

If you are that one let me hear you shout hallelujah.

Amen and amen.

O God what a night!

The Lord says there is someone here tonight, He said in order to show that I control the calendar of your life, every opportunity you lost last year shall return.

In Luke chapter 6 verse 45, the Bible says out of the abundant of the heart, the mouth speaks - the river flow through your mouth.

In Job chapter 22 verse 21 to 28, the Bible says, if you satisfy certain conditions, you shall decree a thing and it shall be established unto you.

And I have heard a special permission from my Father, so, this special anniversary occasion to do some decreeing.

And I am going to remind you of a story before your next prayer because I have heard some people trying to tell the story and at times they don’t tell it correctly.

I told you of a young man who came to us (whenever I say a young man that means somebody is younger than I), Daddy, I have been struggling for a long time, I too want to go into something big; so, I have applied to a company, I want to become their Deputy Managing Director.

I am going for an interview that is why I have come to you.

I said okay, let us pray.

He said no no no, don’t pray; just speak a word

I said okay – the interview will go well.

Thank you Daddy and he left.

The following day he came, full of excitement - Daddy, I got there, I got to the Board room, I had prepared very hard for the interview but they ask me only three questions: what is your name? I told them; what post have you applied for? I told them; when can you start? So I told them I will start tomorrow.

I said congratulations.

He said, no no no Daddy.

Speak another word.

I said okay – you shall be rapid

He said amen

The following day he came back again, trembling with excitement – Daddy, I went to resume, when I got there, they ask me to go to the Board room and I met the same people who interviewed me, they said to me, young man, after you left our Managing Director resigned, are you ready for the work of the Managing Director?

So, I said, haa! Congratulations

He said, no no no, speak another word.

So I said to him: the One who has started a good work in you, will perfect it – and he left.

The following day he came back again; what again now!

He could hardly speak.

He said I got to work this morning they asked me to go to the Board room; I went to the Board room: they said, young man, we have discovered why our Managing Director resigned; he went to rival company because they doubled his salary; since we don’t want you to leave we will double your salary.

I said congratulations.

He said, no no no, speak another word.

I said do you want to take the company from the owner?

I want to give you two minutes to stand on your feet to ask God for whatever you want and then I will speak a word.

Anything you want from the Almighty God, anything you want Him to do, now that you have come to drink, and then I will speak a word.

Let us begin to bring our prayer to a close.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Now, by the authority vested in me by the most high God, I hereby decree whatever you have asked for is done. Whether the devil likes it or not, I decree now it is done. Even before the sun rises, it is done. So shall it be.

In Jesus mighty name.


Please be seated.

Oluwa ti se


I can hear someone singing: my life is moving again – and so shall it be.

What does it take for the rivers to flow?

When Jesus stood up and cried, he said, if any man thirst, he should come – anyone who is thirsty for healing, for health, let him come.

Anyone who is tired of poverty, tired of brother-hang-me-down, let him come.

Anyone who wants to please God, desperately desirous of what is needed to please God, He said, let him come.

I mean in 2Chronicles chapter 1 verse 6 to 15 – all that Solomon said he wanted was wisdom and understanding, so he could take care of God’s people.

God gave him what he asked for and there was an overflow – what he did not even ask for God added.

You know the history of the Holy Ghost service: God asked me thirty-one years ago, son, what do you want for your birthday?

I said God, since You asked, I want a miracle for every member of my congregation.

I did not ask anything for myself, I ask for the congregation.

That is how it started – and look at what it has become now.

If you are determined to please Him, come and drink.

If you want to use health to serve Him, come and drink.

You want to use wealth to serve Him, come and drink.

I have never cry to God and say God give me a dress.

I never prayed for a car.

The only time I cried for anything material was when I was leaving into full time and I was leaving the mansion I was living in Ilorin to come and live in Mushin and I said Lord, please, build me a boy’s quarter – give me a room for me; a room for my wife; a room for my children – boy’s quarter.

And He said, son, don’t ask me for a house, I have decided to build you a city, just focus on serving Me, leave the rest to Me.

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

What does He require from you?

He wants you to come under His management.

Mathew 11 verse 28 to 30 – come unto Me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.

But He said, take My yoke upon you and learn of Me.

Come under My management; do whatever I ask you to do, I will handle the rest.

I am a living testimony that God is faithful – very faithful! Very very very Faithfull!

Once He asked me to go to a town called Denver in Colorado in America in January

I say yes Lord, I will go; but, Daddy you know I don’t like cold – and that is a very cold place in January; snow all the time - I will go

He said, son, I will go with you.

I was there for four days; in the middle of winter, my Father brought summer – the temperature was like that of Nigeria – we were wearing T-shirt in January in Denver.

The moment I entered into the plane and the plane took off, the snow that had not snowed for four days came down.

He controls the heavens; He controls the earth; He controls living and dying, surrender all to Him and He will surprise you.

So in closing, because there is still one or two things God wants to do.

Maybe you are not here when they make the altar call earlier this evening; or you are here but you have not made up your mind then; but now you want to surrender your life to Jesus, I am going to count from one to ten; before I say ten, come, come and stand before me so that I can pray for salvation.

In all the viewing centers all over the world, if you want to give your life to Jesus, just go to the altar, the Pastors there will take care of the situation.

I can see that the old auditorium is also full; in the same way, you go to the altar if you want to give your life to Jesus and I will pray for your salvation.

I am counting now

One, two, three,

He controls your destiny, so come, come to the altar and surrender your life to Him; let your soul be saved today and He will give you a new beginning.

Thank You Father

Four, five,

Please come quickly, we are about to go to the climax of the evening

Six, seven, eight, nine,

Now those of you who are already in front and those of you who are coming, cry to Jesus now and ask Him to please save your soul, forgive all your sins, tell Him from now on you will serve Him; tell Him you will be under His management; ask Him to be merciful unto you and save your soul.

The rest of us, please, let us stretch our hands towards this people and intercede for them that the One who saved our souls will save their own souls also. Please pray for them. Pray for them. Thank You Father. Once you are coming, keep coming, just make sure you get here before I finish praying. Pray that Jesus will save your soul. Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Savior, I want to thank You for Your word and I want to thank You for this people who have come forward to surrender their lives to You, please receive them, save their souls, let Your blood wash away their sins, write their names in the Book of Life and from now on any time they call on You, please answer them by fire. Don’t let them backslide; let them serve you till the end.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Now, I want to rejoice with those of you who have come forward, today is a new day for you now, everything will become new. And I promise you, from now I will be praying for you. So, some Counselors are already near you, they will give you a card that you will fill quickly, just give me your name, your address and your prayer request and I promise you I will be praying for you.


Now, while they are filling their forms, we will have some worship songs and then they should be done within two to three minutes and we will proceed from there.

--------------------------Instrumentalist worship-------------------------

Thank you.

In the next fifteen to twenty minutes He is going to change several people destiny permanently. So, kindly pay maximum attention now.

The Bible says, the Just shall the live by faith.

The One who had invited us to come and drink, is someone we cannot see now but He has representatives on earth.

By His special grace and His grace alone, I happen to be one of them.

And you know I never do anything expect He asks me to do it.

He asked me to do something, which I am about to do; and please take that section of this service very very seriously because it is going to lead to the next section.

He ask me to make a sign to  you– sign of come and drink- and He says why I am doing that you should pray with all your heart and the prayer is simple:Father, fill me to overflowing – that is all.

When we finish that section, then I will lead you to the next one.

And those of you who are watching all over the world if at all you are able to stand, please stand now. Let all of us stand and focus on me because I am standing as a representative of Jesus Christ.

I am not Jesus; I am His representative and He is the One who says: just make a sign to you and that as I do so, you pray one prayer: Father, fill me to overflowing. And you keep praying that prayer until I stop you.

So, here we go

Thank You Father

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Very briefly, He asked me to give you and an explanation of what you are about to do next; because you are going to pray a prayer with your mouth now fresh with anointing – a kind of prayer you have not prayed before.

In 2Kings chapter 2 verse 23 to 24, the Almighty God had just filled Elisha to overflowing and some people began to mock him and he cursed them.

Everything mocking your destiny you are about to curse.

In Mathew chapter 15 verse 13, the Bible says, every plant my Father have not planted shall be rooted.

Whatever was not in you when God created you, you are going to curse it tonight.

In Mark chapter 11 from verse 12 to 14, Jesus was hungry and He saw a fig tree that has plenty of leaves and had no fruit, He cursed it.

You are going to curse every form of fruitlessness in your life tonight.

So, I want you to pray as violently as you can and say: in the mighty name of Jesus, everything mocking my destiny, I curse you.

Open your mouth and cry to God.                                       

Everything mocking my destiny, I curse you in the mighty name of Jesus. Everything that is saying where is your God, I curse you in the mighty name of Jesus; I curse you in the mighty name of Jesus. And so shall it be in Jesus’ name.

Then you will lift up your voice again and say everything that was not in my when God made me – sickness, demons, failure – I curse you tonight in Jesus’ name. Every plant my Father did not plant that is in me, that is in my life, that is  in my home, that is in my business, that is in my church, that is in my town – every plant my Father did not plant I curse you tonight, die from the root. Every tree that God did not plant that the Almighty God did not put in me when He made, everything that was not there when He fashioned me, I curse you, die from the root. Cancer die; hypertension die; asthma die; diabetes die, everything that was not place in me by God, I curse you in the mighty name of Jesus.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Then you will lift your voice to Him and say: Father, every form of barrenness, every form of failure, every form of fruitless efforts, every form of stagnation in my life, I curse you tonight, I curse you tonight.

Barrenness I curse; failure I curse you; lack of promotion I curse you; every evil covenant I curse you. Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Finally, with your fresh with anointing, call in the blessings – and say: in the mighty name of Jesus, goodness and mercy follow Adeboye all the day of his life (mention your name). Joy, come in. Success, come in. Peace, come into my home. Harmony, come into my home. Progress, come into my life. Breakthroughs, testimonies, miracles, signs; wonders, come into me, come into me. Goodness, mercy, come in, come into me; come in, come in, come in. Joy unspeakable, full of glory come into me, come into me; come into me. Thank You Father. Thank You Almighty.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

And so shall it be.

So shall it be!

Everything you have cursed will remain cursed. In the Name of the One who sent me, you are free. Free from sickness, free from disease, free from failure, free from barrenness, free from stagnation, free from sorrow, no more losses.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

If you receive it, let me hear you shout a big hallelujah.

Please be seated.



Pastor E. A. Adeboye


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